soccer city

Welcome to Alex––the most notorious township in South Africa where soccer is lived, not played.

Soccer City provides stories of charismatic players that are intensely personal and passionate in a country torn apart by racial segregation. Inspirational, heartwarming, hard to put into words, you need to simply watch it.
— Nicole Grether

Race. Class. Poverty. Faith. Hope. Soccer. With soccer in township South Africa and the first ever FIFA World Cup in Africa as a lens, witness the ongoing transition from apartheid South Africa within a township largely misunderstood even by South Africans. SOCCER CITY is a collection of profiles of five individuals born and raised in the oldest and most notorious of South Africa’s townships, Alexandra, locally known as ‘Alex.’ 


The complete film in full HD
All 13 individual episodes
The three official high-res posters
Official stills shot by award-winning photographer, Pete Muller